mobili rinascimentali e medievali  
Mobili medievali e Rinascimentali
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Middle Age and Renaissance Furniture“ is first a passion for these historical periods where time didn’t condition work, and virtue of patience was giving heart and making unique of its kind each piece, and it becomes concrete with a craftsmen shop specialized in realizing furniture from thirteenth/fourteenth/fifteenth century.
Besides proportions, thickness and craftsmen techniques of that period, much important is the aging process (by heat) that marks the grain and gives the surface a natural look.
These are absolutely not antique inspired pieces but a real unique reproduction that is the result of experience and patient craftsmanship.
  • selected locally grown walnut planks of 50 mm for doors and body-structure.
  • Fir planks for internal parts.
  • Workmanship:
  • all the frames and borders are hand carved on mother plank.
  • Parts are gain jointed and fixed with wood nails.
  • Hinges are in wrought iron.
  • Furniture is finished with care; secret spaces on the inside and on the back are available.
  • Bees wax top surface finishing.
  • Plank joints may result not perfectly plain (like if they’re warped).
    This finishing is done with a special attention to give the joint that real aged look